Everyone loves a happy ending, and here in the marketing world, it’s even better when we’re given a chance to share the good news. Thank you to our great team in Southern California for allowing us to share your story about how shipping LTL freight helped send one of your agents towards success!

After servicing the unique requirements of a local manufacturer for well over six years—even attending little league games together for each other’s kids—an agent would know everything needed to continue fulfilling the transportation needs of their customer. Well, that’s what our agent thought too. During a regular phone call with the customer to go over production for the following week, our agent was requested to come into the office for a meeting.

All dressed in their finest, our agent walks into a room surprised to find it filled with not one, but five solemn faces around the table. They quickly opened the meeting to extend their greatest appreciation for all the hard work, late nights, tracing updates and customized reporting they had received from our agent for six years. Our agent thought, “I think they’re going to offer me another shipping location” but instead, the customer gives him a 45 days’ notice that they’re going to another 3PL. “Why?” was all he could get out of his mouth.

The customer was in need of a quicker solution because they were consolidating and bringing purchasing of smaller products into the transportation and logistics department. Doing so would reduce headcount, so they needed to have just one company handling their truckload and LTL fulfillment of spare parts. As shock took over, our agent thanked them and left.

Driving back to the office, he called his wife to prepare her. Remembering something about N+FOB and shipping LTL freight in her emails, she told him to turn back around. She find the initial LTL flyer and immediately called Jacksonville for more information. They receive a log in, instructions, and call the customer back to tell them, “Hold on, we can do this.”

The customer didn’t really want to leave our agents but felt they had no choice while they weren’t aware that N+FOB was capable of shipping LTL freight. Now, thanks to a few customer specific carrier agreements and competitive blanket rates, Southern California is moving an additional $425,000 in LTL freight to compliment the $1.75M in truckload they were already doing.

N+FOB is in process of turning over access to the customer to make all the shipments themselves, which leaves nothing but cash in the pocket for our agent.

Close call but saved thanks to the Mrs.!