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There’s a reason there is a + in our logo. N+FOB truly is a network of experts, technology and service-oriented people that go above and beyond in every way, making sure your shipment is priority one. No matter what you’re shipping, or where it’s going, your shipment is in good hands at every touch point in the process, including these four main focus areas:


Some companies don’t want to mess with anything that’s big, heavy or ugly—not us though. We know just how important that type of oversized critical machinery is to you. That’s why it’s equally as important to us; especially for military maneuver exercises, on-site construction machinery, tunneling and substation movements.


In the shipping business, every second counts. And so does every truck. No matter how busy we are, we will locate an available truck to meet your shipping needs. While other companies may say “no,” you can count on us to not only say, “yes,” but to follow through on that commitment. And you can count on it 24/7 because our agent network never closes.


Certain situations call for quick decisions, not added layers of red tape that slows down action. So you won’t find us hindering a business owner’s decision to satisfy their customer. Instead, we empower them with the ability to act as needed, deciding which carrier is best and how to deliver the cargo. And automation with technology allows everyone to focus on the customer, rather than busywork.


Our carriers are the lifeline of our operation, which is why we make sure our relationship is rock solid so customers can always rely on us. We ensure carriers receive the proper rates – on time, every time by providing them with immediate access to their payment status through our carrier portal. We even give cash advances when needed to help alleviate financial burdens. It sets us apart from the competition and brings us closer to our carriers, and our customers.


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7 Things We Now Buy Online

Posted by networkfob on February 24, 2018
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Technology does have its perks in the modern-day lifestyle of people. With majority leading busy lives, this is how E-commerce started and grew in the market. Online sellers fulfill the need of buyers from everywhere, who neither have the time nor the patience to hustle through traffic and then in busy shops and stores just to find the items that they need. Add to that the fuss that kids make whenever you’re shopping. We’ve all seen kids go cranky in a grocery store, but can you imagine having to shop at a boutique with your little ones? The seen is crazy and many parents would rather be caught in an old outfit rather than brave their favorite dressmaker for a fitting. Now, let’s talk about convenient things you can now buy online rather than having to go out for them.



From eggs and milk to deli products and meat, almost every item on your grocery list is now sold online. No need to be tempted by that sweet lane when all you need is almond milk and other healthy products. You can easily search for local providers of online grocery in your area and just wait for the delivery at home or at the office. Some choices include Walmart.com, USGrocer.com, and ShopFoodEx.



Whether your pants don’t fit you anymore or you’re looking to buy a new dress for a special occasion, there are now plenty of shops and choices to choose from online. It is almost certain that you will find your favorite store now selling outfits you love online. From lingerie and everyday basics to formal and seasonal clothing, the online market now has it. For inexpensive options, try Boohoo, Nordstrom Rack, Yes Style and Cotton On.


Designer Items

Enjoy up to 70% off on Gucci shoes and Prada handbags with designer consignment shops online. Therealreal.com offers genuine lust-worthy Kate Spade clutches, among others. If you can’t find that Hermes bag you’ve been dying to have, check them out online.


Smartphones, Laptops and Other Cool Gadgets

Find the right gadget for you from top-rated online electronics store B&H. Save thousands of dollars on used gear. You can also try Amazon, Crutchfield, and Newegg.


Gift Cards

GC’s are a great gift for any occasion. You may even find discounted GCs on the internet for as much as 10% off. If you’re still unsure what to buy your colleague for a farewell party, visit GiftCardGranny.com or Raise.com.



From Advil to toilet paper, you can now buy almost any kind of over-the-counter drugs online. You may want to check online if your local pharmacy is selling medicine online. Rite Aid, among others, is doing it. If you’re looking for discounted medicine, you may also try CV’s Ship & Save Program.


Sporting Goods

From dumbbells to treadmills, stores like Dick’s and Target now sells them online. You may also find an awesome seller of the best in-ground basketball hoops for 2018 and/or top portable basketball goals of 2018 on Amazon. For athletic shoes and clothing, try Eastbay or AthleteShop. 

Securing Your Customer’s Data In 2018

Posted by networkfob on February 18, 2018
Category: Business

There’s no wonder certain offices or businesses keep their customer’s records with utmost confidentiality. In the modern age, we can see individuals who are up to no good such as hacking the profiles of other people. These people could be your valued customers. We very well know how keeping the data of our customers is increasingly important in the reputation of our business since they serve as the backbone of our business. In relation to this, customers tend to do transact with companies who adhere to certain data policies and protection standards. One of the best examples of information protection is CRC Shredding, Southern Missouri’s only shredding service that is both NAID AAA Certified and indemnified by Downstream Data Coverage Insurance for our utmost security.

With all-inclusive services that include paper shredding, hard drive shredding, non-paper media shredding such as CD shredding, DVD shredding, flash media shredding, credit card terminal description, micro media shredding and more likely anything that you think needs shredding. With a number of alarming possibilities that may cause information breach, we might want to avail hard drive destruction that safely destroys our hard drive, refraining our data to be hacked.

Whether it’s a small or big business, falling victim to data breaching is inevitable. There have already been high-profile businesses who became targets of these delinquent hackers including JPMorgan and Tesco. Information shredding is one of the most important techniques used in the protection of customer’s data. Companies like http://networkfob.com/ are known to safeguard customer data using information shredding, among other techniques. There are also other ways that are equally as important which include document shredding and hard drive destruction. Some of the ways you can protect customer’s data include the following:

  • Encrypt Your Customers’ Data. Encryption plays a significant role in securing your customers’ data. It is the process of encoding sensitive information that it difficult for others to perceive the said data. This process ensures the protection of our customers’ data, freeing it from a data breach.  
  • Use a Wiping Program. In some case, using a wiping program in securing your customers’ data is imperative. Using a remote wipe software deletes all the necessary information of your customers. Since electronic gadgets lock every bit of information that we store in them in spite our efforts of deleting it or even if it was a temporary file, using a remote wiping program wipes up all the information that no recovery program can restore information.
  • Utilize a website malware monitoring service. Do not compromise your website’s eligibility. Once our system gets hacked, we’ll never know it until it’s too late. Availing the use of malware monitoring service is crucial since it notifies you if your site has been compromised to a data breach.

Meanwhile, while you are on the deciding point on what strategy to use, you may have wanted to avail the most effective form of securing your customers’ data – the mobile document shredding of CRC Shredding. Providing highest protection services for you, this electronics recycling center is your local service provider in securing your customers’ data and protecting your data as well.

Free entrepreneurship sees its peak in 2017—where employers are free to navigate the market however they choose. To be able to study and identify the projected trends of innovating, transformative ability, future aspiration and brand engagement (Howard, 2017) helps present and hopeful business people in understanding the process of the environment that they are/getting in. Derived from online materials, the movements are meant to bring an urge for stability in long-term business decisions. Now matter if you are an auction business in Springfield, Missouri or running an online commerce store, there are some trends you should know about heading into 2018. 


Flexible Corporate Rules Of Engagement Are Expected

A shift from Total Quality Management to Emotional Engagement. Bill Howard’s article in Forbes Magazine written back in October suggests customer involvement uncovers the true essence of business propriety. As a consumer, you might have noticed it. An increase in demand for customer service has led its way to prioritize the customer on a personal level, a method which is likely to gain long-term patrons in the most needed time as possible. The phrase “it’s not about us but about you” has never been more opportune. In a description given as “translated into the ability to transform storytelling into a vital business competency”—the inclusion of making the customer feel pampered by a brand in the process of the transaction has become essential. Inclusive of this customer research, product placement will have to be strategic and is necessary to strike a chord with a person’s rational and emotional engagement—incorporate the keywords relate and communicate as important actions to move current and objective customers into a purchase.


Customer Experience And Brand Longevity Will Extend Online

Digital presence will always be an advantage, and the sooner you find out how to “express” yourself digitally your brand than all the better for your business. 2016-2017 shows us that branding increases customer engagement precisely because it speaks the language that is accessed by the many: the language of efficiency, the language of technology. Instantly, anyone who owns a cell phone becomes a virtual client—extending themselves to your flagship (or online) stores. So don’t be annoyed with the random ads on your Instagram account; it’s part of the game. Constant exposure breeds familiarity. With social media accounts as a means to reach their clients, this kind of promotion tactic creates equal opportunity for business (whether long-term or new) to reach its desired audience. For example, brands from F&F – Hardwood or those who are selling name tag holders have the same competitive edge. Accessibility is something to consider in customer service because companies are always at the advantage if their items can be bought in the nearest and easiest way possible. As we mentioned, convenience to the client is always a plus.

Business has become experimental in nature due to the rise of millennial business owners. The process of deconstructing a business is quite easy for the youth. With most of them coming from middle to upper-class backgrounds or using the money that earned from their previous job, the business market becomes abundant with creativity with (what appears to be) a lack of concern for profit and loss. Business is expected to be brand-driven with high regards for content management. The drive to launch a start-plan forward can make up for the knowledge and practical encounters that entrepreneurs can learn along the way.

The effect of the Digital Age is being felt in various industries. In the business sector, technology has made work faster and cheaper. However, while the Digital Age has made things much easier for businesses, it is still important to maintain a strong business relationship with your customers. Here are some ways you can establish business relationships in the Digital Age.


Meet Customers Personally

Companies depend on emails, texts, newsletters, blogs, and others for building business relationships. However, these communication tools are not enough. It is not that they are not important and not needed in business processes. They cannot replace personal communication with customers. You also need to do face-to-face and spend time with people.

The success of your business and your future is to invest on personal relationships that go deep. As much as possible, find time to get to know people. Your customers will buy, deliver, sell, and consume your products and avail of your services. You cannot this relationship and depend solely on email or text messages as a means of communication.


Identify Needs

It is through communicating with your customers that you will be able to identify their wants, needs, fears, problems, and perspective. However, the communication need to be constant and will require a commitment of your time and not just a single event.

Prioritize building deeper relationships with your customer. It will have a huge impact on the quality of the relationship and the opportunities for helping and serving one another. Make sure to focus on the other person and find time to learn about them. When you find ways to help them, they will do the same to you.


Block Your Calendar

Spend a few minutes in identifying 25 people who will help you build your business. List them down and then proceed with the relationship-building. Your list will comprise of different people ranging from vendors, prospects, customers, partners, and new acquaintances. Find time in your schedule to meet them personally. You can jot them down on a sticky note or put them in the calendar of your Tissot brand watches.


Commit To The Schedule

To build a business relationship, you need to commit your time and effort. To make sure that you don’t forget it, add it to top Nixon watches. Your commitment to the schedule will be key. Make sure to focus on the relationship building. Building business relationships in the Digital Age is a give and take process. Before you can reap the harvest you have to plant a seed first. This is the same with business relationship building.

Your first have to make an investment on a potential customer. It is not enough that you send an email blast to several people and hope that you get a favorable response. You need to nurture the relationship by meeting them personally. Share a cup of coffee with them and have a personal conversation. Who knows? They may not only help you in your business but also in your life.

If you want to maximize the potential of your business networking and development information website, you have take care of each and every little detail. If you miss the details, you may only have the ability to operate a moderately effective site. We strongly suggest that you put into practice these useful strategies for running a great website.

To keep the attention of visitors while they use your business networking and development information website, make sure that the individual pages load rapidly. The average web visitor spends less than ten seconds on a page, and is probably going to leave a site quickly if it takes too long for pages to load. Compressing images and using only as many graphics as needed may help speed up page loading on your website. Another way to speed things up is to use a dedicated server to run your site.

You ought not disregard the white space when planning a site. These white areas can be filled with ad banners and promotional images. New traffic can easily be generated by using well displayed ads and promotions. In order to maintain visitors on a business networking and development information website, you need to have a clean design.

High speed is of great importance when making a business networking and development information website. One surefire way to optimize your website’s operating speed is to have it hosted by a topnotch web hosting firm. CSS can likewise be utilized to build the usefulness and speed of a site. Make sense of how any web fashioner that you are thinking about employing plans on getting you the very best result with regards to boosting page stack speeds.

The most suitable content for your business networking and development information website depends on trends in your industry. Think in terms of what you, from your own unique perspective, are able to incorporate into what others are writing about. You should upload fresh content as search engines value it very much. There’re lots of freelance writers you could hire online to create content for your website. Just like a site that is talking about the best self defense knives and the best out the front knife, you would need writers that understand these products and can talk about them at length. So the same goes for writers you need for a business site, you need writers that understand business and things that go along with it.

An online forum is an affordable way to update your business networking and development information website content and make your web page more relevant to visitors. Visitors enrich your content with their contributions to the forum, so you do not have to create new material and upload it yourself. When visitors open accounts to use your forum, they can discuss, debate and share their opinions on a wide range of subjects, providing you with a steady stream of fresh content. Search engines also are inclined to pick up on forums that have a constant influx of original web content which may help to help your incoming traffic.

Are Drones a Legitimate Delivery Method

Posted by networkfob on July 19, 2017
Category: Blog, Business

Delivery systems have been made more efficient over the years to cater to the ongoing demands of the market which centers around fast and convenient delivery services, given that current lifestyle needs are always fast-paced.

Using drones for delivery of goods have been increasingly employed in the military or emergency situations, and despite the benefits of drone delivery, the use of drones for delivery in the commercial setting is still prohibited in countries like the United States.

The prohibition of unmanned aerial vehicles has been implemented by both the local and the federal government due to security concerns in the U.S., so it is important to know the threats with drone delivery against the community to understand how it has made the transport of packages easier.

what is drone delivery

What is Drone Delivery?

Knowing what drone delivery is and how it can help the community is essential, given that it is important for many consumers to learn about innovations which can deliver efficient service and have commercial potential.

With that said, the delivery of goods like socks, jocks and lighter types of items using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has undergone extensive testing, and it has been found to be extremely useful in the transport of goods such as medicine, and other approved packages fit for air shipping service and this is what drone delivery is today.

Using Drones for Delivery

Some people picture using drones to deliver items could put piano movers near me out of business as they can assemble an army of drones to do things. Since the nature of what drone delivery is focuses on taking advantage of unmanned aviation services to deliver goods such as mail and medical supplies, using drones for delivery is thereby extensively utilized in the military where the delivery of supplies like food and medicine has been made possible on the front lines.

This innovation has enabled better plans in the administration of medicine to injured troops in addition to giving them the supplies they need to ensure they will successfully come out of their battles and live to tell their tale about it. Now drone delivery has other limitations as well. For instance they will not be able to do what a commercial dumpster rental company does when they deliver dumpsters to people. But for smaller things they may just change the world. 

Benefits of Drone Delivery

Extensively using drones for delivery of supplies for military personnel has enabled them to enjoy the benefits of drone delivery such as:

  1. Drones used for delivery has made it easier to access troops trapped in battle and give them the supplies they need.
  2. Since these were designed to deliver supplies remotely, the risk of increased casualties in military operations has been reduced.
  3. Also, many commercial establishments are beginning to use drones for delivery to save on costs and enable a fast and efficient delivery service, although some countries still ban using drones for delivery.

The benefits of drone delivery are apparent, given it is highly useful for both a retailer and a consumer since using this takes us a step closer to the future of delivery services. Although the benefits of drone delivery are many, it pays to look beyond the benefits of drone delivery and start looking at the threats posed by drones used for delivery today.

using drones for delivery

Threats Posed by Drones Used for Delivery

Countries which ban drones used for delivery have more than enough reasons to do so, given they perceive imminent threats to security which can endanger more populated regions of the world. Some of the threats posed by drones used for delivery include the convenience of delivering illegal drugs and other paraphernalia which can increase crime incidences in an area. Drones used for delivery may be beneficial, but it pays to take precautions in using such to ensure the safety of the general population.

role of logistics in an organization

Over the years, many systems have made their fair share of impact in the business industry to shape it into what it is today with fast, efficient and reliable systems being implemented to optimize business operations and customer support.

With the supply and demand concepts in place, the functions of logistics systems in any business have made many enterprises successful in a way where many businesses effectively employed good logistics management strategies to maximize the beneficial effects of logistics in the business sector today.

The role of logistics in an organization is crucial, and there are many reasons why logistics is important for business success, given the way this is handled can make or break the operations of a venture.

role of logistics in an organization

The Functions of Logistics System

The primary role of logistics system is to ensure the flow or transportation of resources or supply chain into and out of business is organized in a way where operations will be optimized for both business and customers to give maximum economic benefits. Several functions of logistics system have been modified and enhanced through the evolution of logistic protocols and technology which enabled better commerce management and in effect, better service. Some of the other functions of logistics system include:

  1. Processing orders.
  2. Storing of goods.
  3. Outsourcing and shipping or trucking of goods.
  4. Distribution through packaging.

These functions of logistics systems are the reasons why logistics is important for business success because management or mismanagement of this part of the business can potentially either induce a positive growth or make your business operation a big failure.

The Role of Logistics in an Organization

An organization needs to ensure the integrity of the processes involved in the acquisition and distribution of resources are maintained with high integrity in every step of the chain to make sure that things will run smoothly.

This is the primary role of logistics of an organization – to make sure every step in the production and distribution of goods is maintained by making certain that materials are available in each phase of such processes.

why is logistics important for business success

Why is Logistics Important for Business Success?

As mentioned earlier, the way logistics of a business is handled can determine the success of the business in both operation and economic success. An organized business activity can make a business more sustainable especially with the recent advancements in automation and robotics.

With the billions worth of revenue estimated to come from this industry, strategic planning through market analysis, the logistics sector is surely going to be a game changer for any business enterprise.


Unique Ways To Increase Logistics Business

So logistics is great but if there is no mechanism driving more sales then your logistics is sort of irrelevant. There is a new company called Capture The Magic that is doing something really unique in their space that is driving the logistics portion of their business. They sell Disney related items and they started a podcast a few months ago that has become one of the top rated Disney podcasts out there today. But the cool part is they are using that to help them sell more of their products like bags, dole whip t shirts and more. So when it comes to improving your business bottom line it’s important to be unique and think outside the box a bit.


Effects of Logistics in the Business Sector in Shaping it Today

The effects of logistics in the business sector are bigger than it ever was, given that it plays a crucial role in shaping many businesses we have today. With proper planning, implementation, and execution, logistics management is sure to enhance a company’s operational efficiency which, in turn, can translate into sales. In this regard, each organization must keep in mind the functions of this sector and look for ways to maximize the benefits they can get from it.

What Is The Future of Logistics

Posted by networkfob on July 19, 2017
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Despite the many challenges faced by the logistics industry today, the future of the logistics industry is still expected to experience growth, given that more efficient logistics management strategies are now taking center stage in each company to make business more competitive on a global scale. With recent developments in technology, the future of logistics is on a more positive note, especially with emerging trends in logistics slowly integrating technology with operations.

challenges faced by logistics industry

Challenges Faced by the Logistics Industry

In retrospect, logistics is part of the supply chain management, and it ensures the flow or transportation of goods from the source point to the receivers is maintained with high fidelity. From a business perspective, logistics ensures that the flow of operations will run smoothly and with minimal to no disruptions to ensure that business goes on as usual. Since the management of supply chain covers logistics partially, it is imperative that logistics administration in any company can be maintained with secure protocols to follow, given that is the primary facilitator of commerce between businesses. The thing is, there are several challenges faced by the logistics industry today which can pose a threat to this emerging market when not dealt with accordingly. Some of the challenges faced by the logistics industry include:

  1. Transportation of freight using vehicles which emit fewer greenhouse gases can be costly and at the same time, testing.
  2. Rapid urbanization can also affect the logistics industry, especially since the demand for various modes of transportation is slowly getting outstripped by the supply.
  3. Evolving market behavior can also pose a challenge, given that fast shipping services are now demanded by consumers.

Even though this industry is facing these challenges, the emerging trends in logistics offer solutions to these difficulties. These emerging trends aim to make a fast, efficient, and reliable logistics service to make the future of logistics industry even more promising.

Emerging Trends in Logistics

In 2017, emerging trends in logistics are fortunately trying to address challenges this industry is facing. Since technological advancements are being developed all over the world, problems with transportation, supply and demand, and service efficiency, are now being addressed by professionals. Some of the emerging trends in logistics which can affect the future of logistics include:

  1. Autonomous fleets promote more efficient transport systems.
  2. More efficient database systems developed can help shape the management side of this industry.
  3. Brokerage platforms which take hold of services looked for by a client.

These emerging trends can help shape the future of the logistics industry which in turn, can contribute to benefit many communities all over the world.

the future of logistics industry

The Future of the Logistics Industry

The future of the logistics industry is still predicted to move towards a more positive outlook, especially with the challenges this industry is facing are now slowly addressed by many technological innovations and emerging trends. With these developments, moving supplies from one point to another has now been made easier, and it is expected to improve even more in the future.


Posted by networkfob on May 5, 2017
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Some companies don’t want to mess with anything that’s big, heavy or ugly—not us though. We know just how important that type of oversized critical machinery is to you. That’s why it’s equally as important to us; especially for military maneuver exercises, on-site construction machinery, tunneling and substation movements.