Company History

Helping Entrepreneurs Become Successful For Over 30 Years

The term “freight transportation” isn’t exactly known as a term that generates a ton of excitement. But within the industry that makes the world go ‘round, Network FOB has been in the top 5% of all freight transportation companies in North America; assisting entrepreneurs all across the country into becoming successful, independent shipping agents.

Founded in 1971 after Minnesota’s Metro Cartage became Ocean Container Services, the company was incorporated as Network FOB in 1987 by President and Owner, Timothy Taylor.

Freight Transportation- Network FOB

With Taylor’s more than 30 years of experience in virtually every facet of the freight logistics business, Taylor helped to propel Network FOB in 2011 when dozens of tenured independent agents joined the company in cities across the US and Canada. Flash forward to 2014, NFOB is poised to add on dozens of more agents and is quickly becoming the fastest growing freight business in the nation due to the outstanding credit rating, excellent customer service record, ever-evolving technology with the “be there” today and tomorrow to handle even the most challenging logistics needs.

It’s not just the back end of the business that has helped NFOB gain momentum in the last few years. The most important facet to the company has, and always will be, the people behind the scenes. From Day 1, NFOB has made it a priority to recruit the best because we believe in giving every customer the best. From the top-level Executive to the agent fresh out of college, you won’t find another company willing to help your business achieve it’s full potential than with Network FOB.

Growing a business in tough economic challenges hasn’t always been easy. But it’s certainly been worth it. With over 70 agents throughout the country and almost 30 years in the business, NFOB’s culture has been about finding ‘A Better Way’ and taking it. This will never change.



From the transition process of new agents to exit strategies for brokers with the dream of retirement, N+FOB challenges the status quo by supportive partnerships rather than micromanagement.


With our our innovative technology, streamlined business processes and lowest transaction costs in the industry, N+FOB agents use their resources where they should be – helping the shippers and carriers they serve to achieve their unique business goals.


N+FOB excels in high-touch, complex shipping situations. So it’s only right that our freight agent training and tips do the same. With an updated brand and new vision, learn from 30+ years of industry expertise at the iNFOBlog.


Through the use of technology, expertise and relationships, we bring together the best agents, carriers and shippers and give them the tools and freedom they need to succeed.

We’re industry leaders for a reason. Read up on the latest freight logistics news on the iNFOBlog.