7 Things We Now Buy Online

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Technology does have its perks in the modern-day lifestyle of people. With majority leading busy lives, this is how E-commerce started and grew in the market. Online sellers fulfill the need of buyers from everywhere, who neither have the time nor the patience to hustle through traffic and then in busy shops and stores just to find the items that they need. Add to that the fuss that kids make whenever you’re shopping. We’ve all seen kids go cranky in a grocery store, but can you imagine having to shop at a boutique with your little ones? The seen is crazy and many parents would rather be caught in an old outfit rather than brave their favorite dressmaker for a fitting. Now, let’s talk about convenient things you can now buy online rather than having to go out for them.



From eggs and milk to deli products and meat, almost every item on your grocery list is now sold online. No need to be tempted by that sweet lane when all you need is almond milk and other healthy products. You can easily search for local providers of online grocery in your area and just wait for the delivery at home or at the office. Some choices include Walmart.com, USGrocer.com, and ShopFoodEx.



Whether your pants don’t fit you anymore or you’re looking to buy a new dress for a special occasion, there are now plenty of shops and choices to choose from online. It is almost certain that you will find your favorite store now selling outfits you love online. From lingerie and everyday basics to formal and seasonal clothing, the online market now has it. For inexpensive options, try Boohoo, Nordstrom Rack, Yes Style and Cotton On.


Designer Items

Enjoy up to 70% off on Gucci shoes and Prada handbags with designer consignment shops online. Therealreal.com offers genuine lust-worthy Kate Spade clutches, among others. If you can’t find that Hermes bag you’ve been dying to have, check them out online.


Smartphones, Laptops and Other Cool Gadgets

Find the right gadget for you from top-rated online electronics store B&H. Save thousands of dollars on used gear. You can also try Amazon, Crutchfield, and Newegg.


Gift Cards

GC’s are a great gift for any occasion. You may even find discounted GCs on the internet for as much as 10% off. If you’re still unsure what to buy your colleague for a farewell party, visit GiftCardGranny.com or Raise.com.



From Advil to toilet paper, you can now buy almost any kind of over-the-counter drugs online. You may want to check online if your local pharmacy is selling medicine online. Rite Aid, among others, is doing it. If you’re looking for discounted medicine, you may also try CV’s Ship & Save Program.


Sporting Goods

From dumbbells to treadmills, stores like Dick’s and Target now sells them online. You may also find an awesome seller of the best in-ground basketball hoops for 2018 and/or top portable basketball goals of 2018 on Amazon. For athletic shoes and clothing, try Eastbay or AthleteShop. 

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